Badal Sircar’s Third Theatre: Feature and Functions. Swati Bhise. Research Scholar,. School of Language,Literature and Cultural Studies. BADAL SIRCAR AND THE THIRD THEATRE. The ‘s witnessed the emergence of a new theatre movement in India which moved away radically. It is through the answers to these questions that Badal Sircar succeeded in evolving his own brand of theatre — the Third Theatre. In its attempt to create an .

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The third theatre

Badal Sircar influenced a number of film directors, theatre directors as well as writers of his time. So Near, Yet So Far: Self-belief mistaken as arrogance West Bengal. I tried to show the appropriation of mother-tongues through the tool ‘grammar’ by means of which the imposition of dominant standard language is possible.


Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund. It soon moved on to mukta mancha —open-air, unbounded spaces like parks, streets, slums, fields, at factory gates and in villages. Venkatarama Aiyar C. I learned to play cricket in Kolkata, but more than anything, I learned to read Badal Sircar and watch plays written by him for street theatre.

The third theatre

Fri, Aug 14 On the contrary, apart from my technical-cognitive interest badall epistemology and methodology of linguistics, I have no practical interest in writing grammar for school-going children or adolescents either. Initially, Satabdi, founded instarted performing in what Sircar called the angan mancha —spaces likes rooms, halls and courtyards. Which is why even when we performed at poverty-stricken places we would go around with the chador.


Was it because invitations went to a chosen few and there was little publicity? Kuppiah Pillai V. This new grammEr of tolerant rationality opposed to violent technical rationality is in opposition with the model of prescriptive grammar and hence it is an Anti-grammar, which is within the body of speaking subjects.

Sarkar is the subject of two documentaries, one directed by filmmaker and critic, Amshan Kumar, [21] and another A Face in the Procession by Sudeb Sinha, which was shot over two years.

Gopeshwar Banerjee D.

Badal Sarkar’s Third Theatre Research Papers –

Hattamalar Sipare, as the Assamese thirs is called, unfolds the confusion that occurs when two infamous petty thieves land up in a utopia, where one can get anything one wants and buying and selling are unknown concepts. They were not prepared to take any criticism.

He soon became disenchanted with the party and its politics, however, and when he wrote a letter to senior party members questioning some of their policies, he was immediately suspended. Satabdi members during a rehearsal session at Thakurbari, Taltala, in central Kolkata. Grammar is a ‘tool’ used to manipulate ‘other’ languages for the sake of the Standard Language.


Badal Sircar’s Third Theatre. I felt no need to refer to the original production. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Crude oil prices to direct sugar prices in Anonymity has kept its flock together for decades; it also went well with their chosen form of non-proscenium theatre.


Sivaraman Padma Subrahmanyam N. As it is an activist method of overthrowing institutionalized oppression, aircar is a praxis, not a theory towards the construction of Anti-Grammar, which is a by-product of sub-altern non-collaborative attitude baxal hegemonic role of standard language and its grammar by breaking their, as Frire mentioned, tjird of silence’. Satabdi members would charge no fee, moving around with a chador sheet collecting voluntary contributions from villagers and city audiences.

Kanchrapara, a small town about 50km from Kolkata, is the base of the nearly four-decade-old theatre group. Janakiraman Vijay Kumar Kichlu M.

Badal Sarkar

Guide House auditorium Mahila Samity auditorium. Kittappa Pillai Vijay Tendulkar Also the formal bindings of the proscenium theatre was given up. In it, spectators are allowed into the venue, a Kolkata house, only to be asked provocative and insulting questions by Satabdi members on their income and marital life. Sarkar was diagnosed with colon cancer in April Unable to sell their haul of gold, they retired to rest in a garden, underneath a canopy of trees formed by the other actors.

In Julyto mark his 85th birthday, a five-day-long festival titled Badal Utsava as tribute to him was organised by several noted theatre directors.

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