Fostex MR MR-8, Digital Multrack-studio from Fostex. 10 user reviews · avg used price: $99 Warning, this average price is older than 6 months. Find great deals for Fostex Mr-8 Digital Multitracker 8 Track Recorder With Mastering Effects. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Fostex MR-8 8 tracks of ultra-friendly digital at a cassette-recorder price. By Reg Hamilton. I had begun to think there was something inherent in the nature of.

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When I finally dug into the menus, I found an impressively sophisticated operating system so intuitively designed I could figure most of it out without the manual.

Fostex MR-8 8 tracks of ultra-friendly digital at a cassette-recorder price By Reg Hamilton I had begun to think there was something fostez in the nature of digital recording that prevented a simple, straightforward user interface suitable for your average non-geek musician.

But I was wrong. I hardly even had to use the manual to figure things out. The effects arent the best but you can use them just to play around with new stuff and give ideas for new material.

MR-8 MkII : 8-Track Digital Multitracker

You ofstex to have Javascript disabled. I was able to record as soon as i got my compact flash card a MB card vostex with a new unit for storage, but i bought a MB compact flash card because i heard the wasnt enough space.

There are three very subtly crafted and usable mastering presets that add an amazing polish and presence to your sound. But pretty much all digital recorders I’ve encountered up till now have required so much hard learning to operate that by the time I get them up and running, my jones to lay down tracks has evaporated.

Not satisfied fostes those reviews? The sky’s the limit on this powerful little machine and my home recordings have reached CD quality level because of this unit.


The Fostex engineers put some heavy thought into how to make this thing run just like the cassette multitrackers of yore. With the touch of a button you can record tracks onto tracks 5 and 6, which are essentially one stereo foetex controlled with the same fader and the faders feel fantastic.

Of course, the type of mic you use has a huge effect, but these settings add some nice options to match your fkstex and the song.

I personally use audio technica for my budget. There’s a built-in mic so you can record notes to yourself about setting levels and such.

Fostex Mr-8 Digital Multitracker 8 Track Recorder With Mastering Effects

Mastering effects for stereo buss. SOUNDS The effects are trs effective for voice, but limited, and the only effect guitar overdrive is not effective trs. This web site uses cookies to deliver the best possible browsing experience for our visitors. It seems to be well constructed for its price. Real M8r 1- Plus, since i bought mine used, it didn’t come with a card It works hand in had with my computer, all i needed was a regular USB cord, the software for tranfering tracks straight from the fostex website, and a demo of Adobe Audition 1.

One of the things I really like about this unit is that you can operate it without getting too involved in layers of menus. The Flashcard that came with the recorder had very little room for songs, so I have been forced to by more flashcards to suffice my recording desires.

I was disappointed that it fostes billed as an 8 track when to get 8 tracks, fosex have to first record 4 tracks and then bounce them and submix to track 5 and then record tracks again. The connection is complte, except possibly to be prinses RCA output to connect an amp show.

I suggest you buy a preamp that will fit well with the beast rev.

All user reviews for the Fostex MR-8

Overall I recommend this unit to fostec aspiring musicians that are looking for a cheap and easy way to record their songs and expand their musical abilities. Capture inspiration whenever and wherever you are.


I fsotex singing into it and it actually sounded pretty good, especially with the mic simulation buttons. This review was originally published on http: I love my unit and even if i could afford it right now, i don’t believe i’d be purchasing a bigger unit simply because of the ease of use and portability fosex the mr8. The guitar distortion sucks unless you want a very digital sound, then its OK. Been trying to get ahold of someone at fostex to get replacement buttons but no luck yet Its a really easy to use digital 8 track, even though its more like a digital 6 track casue 4 of the channels are split into 2 dedicated mixdown channels, you can still record on them only on the left or right channell, if you want stero you take up two rostex, other then that a great piece of euipment.

USB connection to computer works great. See below, but to summarize: Well worth the money. Load up tracks again, then hit another button and mix down tracks directly onto tracks 7 and 8, which are also controlled with one slider. The best way that I have found to get a close professional sound is to mike all your instruments or amps and go from there.

Sampling excellent, high quality sound. There are all the primary functions you expect from a digital recorder-copy, move, paste, and so on-plus a whole raft of things you wouldn’t expect from such an affordable unit. Our members also liked: Fostex was founded by Foster Electric who have been developing high quality speaker components since

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