Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology. David Graeber. David Graeber. Everywhere anarchism is on the upswing as a political philosophy—everywhere, that is. Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology has ratings and 95 reviews. Liz said: the bits about actual anthropology were good but I wanted more of an a. Fragments of an anarchist anthropology BY DAVID GRAEBER Graeber’s short and self-consciously fragmentary book rehearses critiques of capitalism.

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Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Graeber is far more interesting when he writes about what anthropology can offer anarchism: This does not square very well with operating within the university, perhaps the only Western institution other than the Catholic Church and British monarchy that has survived in if the same form from the Middle Ages, doing intellectual battle at conferences in expensive hotels, and trying to pretend all this somehow furthers revolution” Mar 04, Miquixote rated it really liked it Shelves: To this day they have maintained a reputation as masters of evasion: Anarchist o Radical Book Club.

His title is an apt one: Essentially, the reader can expect to gain a good intuitive understanding of what this entire field of study ought fragmenhs do, which is a miracle for such a short book.

Login or register to post comments. A fresh look at Lenin – Andy Brown. Mobilisations against the crisis in Italy. Consensus decision-making is typical of societies where there would be no way to compel a minority to agree with a majority decision— either because there is no state with a monopoly of coercive force, or because the state has nothing to do with local decision-making.


He believes that anthropologists possess the tools and theories that could help shape an anarchistic vision of the future.

Firstly, he provides some basic notions of anarchist thought, graebee talks about ideas of various anthropologists, then about Madagascar’s tribes, then about contemporary society and so on and so forth.

Blowing Up Walls Section 5: His background in anarchy however seems to stick out as well, seeing as he did his time in the anti-globalization anthtopology it seems fitting that he is attached to strictly non-violent symbolic forms of protest, which taints his practice of anthropology and effectively removing large parts of anarchist history from this text.

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Fragments of an anarchist anthropology – David Graeber

Retrieved from ” https: I’ll try that one in the future. Fragments of an anarchist anthropology 2nd pr.

Philadelphia’s longshoremen and the decline of the IWW. Ggaeber makes the point that in anthropology one uses a vocabulary taken from all parts of the globe: Published April 1st by Prickly Paradigm Press first published Part of the problem, Graeber claims, is that traditionally, academics on the radical left have gravitated toward the more “High Theory”-oriented Marxism Karl Marx himself was a PhD rather than the more practice-oriented anarchism.

Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology by David Graeber

Since they are the only scholars who know anything about stateless societies many having lived in such societiesthey are aware that the assumption that people would just kill each other in the absence of a state is completely untrue. Marxists like to argue that consensus democracy simply wears people down until they anarchst ‘browbeaten into agreement’ and is therefore just as bad.

The Tsimihety, rejecting all governmental authority and organizing their society along very egalitarian lines, were able to continue their autonomy and culture for decades on end, up to the present, not by confronting the government, but by retreating. Find the complete text at: And anyway, even if we’re wrong, we might well get a lot closer” While it challenges our basic assumptions about society, state, power, knowledge, some of the dominant paradigms of political and sociological thought, antbropology limits itself to identifying cracks in modern thinking and to suggesting paths of revolutionizing it and the world.


One obvious role for a radical intellectual is to do precisely that: Greaber’s principle argument is that anthropologists are the exclusive owners of information about communities and societies that function without states or capitalist economies. Anarchism is revolutionary because it is, as one anarchist anthology is titled; Demanding anthrooplogy Impossible.

It This is highly recommended as an introduction to Graeber’s work. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Fragments of an anarchist anthropology – David Graeber

Tenets of a Non-existent Science Section 6 Section 7: Insightful, inspiring, and accessible. I foresee a lot more anarchist and Graeber reading for me. Mar 29, Dan Prisk rated it really liked it.

I have also thought for many years that optimism is the only choice– for if we act in the world in an optimistic and open minded manner, we will more likely end up with better results even if only minorly better, I’ll still take it! Besides, keeping the imagination well-oiled with a little fantasy is healthy!

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