Before I started reading Andrew Holleran’s Dancer from the Dance, I felt protective of it. Its reputation made me feel that it was my duty to read it. Buy Dancer from the Dance Reprint by Andrew Holleran (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Dancer from the Dance: A Novel [Andrew Holleran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most important works of gay literature, this.

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This novel is probably my favorite American novel from the post-war period. The other characters in this book are also yolleran well realised; they feel humanand believable. Mar 31, Meridith rated it really liked it.

That love among homosexuals is impossible? Most importantly of all though, this book has no hope; no resolution; no silver lining.

Dancer from the Dance

The novel is set in New York City of the s when the gay community still largely came together in the dark of night in the secrecy of pulsing discotheques without windows to the outside world and where men could live authentically, fully, openly, energetically, and without fear or shame. But love starts from within.

Published December 18th by Harper Perennial first published May 1st A narcissist meets a solipsist and thus is born a gay classic? It’s frustating but the book is about frustration. Very much recommended, even it’s not your world Holleran is writing about.

He’d finish his pared down tale of debauchery and just-barely-appropriate-for-high-school-ears adventures, and when we were looking at him l I used to have this history teacher. Then, Dancer from the Dance felt like a revelation, speaking to my loneliness and my desperate hunger to find holleeran to affirm my place in the world.

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The real difference is the freedom that comes with 40 years of change and perspective. Quotes from Dancer from the D But I do however appreciate the lyrical style used by the author, as well as the putting forth of experiences that are moving and certainly represent a particular reality.

Just a sense of loss and the feeling that it was wholly unnecessary, completely avoidable, and such a fucking waste. There were things I appreciated about this book. Found the “friendship” between Malone and Sutherland unlikely — unless the financial bond between them had been more fleshed out.

Ranks with me as one of the all time great gay-themed novels.

Dancer from the Dance by Andrew Holleran

That and the size of a man’s penis were the only criteria that mattered. Nov 05, Kevin Lawrence rated it it was ok.

One came here for very selfish reasons; after all, it was a purely pagan place. Lists with This Book.

Being a Gay Man Who Is Free: Reflecting on ‘Dancer From the Dance’

For a gay man to have bought it also took courage. But still, it is mildly irritating. Elizabeth Warren Will Run for President in The story follows the life of Malone: Nov 23, John Rimbaud rated it liked it.

Retrieved from ” https: A book I’ve read several times, although not lately. I’m glad I finished it, but I have to admit- unfortunately- that I didn’t completely get it. They holleeran places where men could commit themselves to the worship of body, desire, and love.

Mar 21, Alex Stargazer rated it liked it Recommends it for: Dabcer there had been a few largely unsuccessful attempts in the United States to change hearts, minds, and dajcer, to be gay would usually get a person fired, fined, jailed, or put under psychiatric care.

The story places Malone and Sutherland in gay bars, at Fire Island dance parties, in the parks and fancer, and other places as they seek physical beauty. That is my main issue with this book: There is no hilarity in this book. The best thing about this book to me is the writing and the atmosphere the author manages to sketch through it. Knowing that it was published in the 70s, on the eve of the AIDS epidemic gave me goose bumps feeling A little extra thrill. It was before the self-inflicted narcissism of cocaine.


Quaaludes and disco were the precursors to the modern rave and rave drugs. This book made a big impression sancer me. We aren’t sure if he is drowned fleeting Fire Island or burned to death at the fire at the bathhouse. Find a flaw, I can’t find a flaw. There are quaaludes, water sports, and Everard, but there’s a certain self-aware combination of pride and shame that accompanies all stories told about the 70s that is very much present in this book.

I would give it fifty stars if I could. I also read the book with sadness. They came to Fire Island for summer pleasure and adncer to the City and it baths and bars and they danced.

I will never not be in awe of this novel. Suffering from a crippling loneliness, he gives up his lawyer life in Maryland and moves to New York, hollfran dropping out of society, to seek love, full time. Relationships are superficial and fleeting, predicated on nights spent in a popper-induced haze on the dancefloor:

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