But apparently down this path Bob Boyce took towards TPU-like scalar energy, of precise frequency control and heterodyning, lies the ability to. (As of Nov. ), A South African experimenter has modified an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce so that now it recharges his daughter’s electric. The Bob Boyce Plate Cell & PWMG3 & Toroid Coil & Plans. Given Away to the Public, to Further Mankind. Written by Patrick Kelly. Bob Boyce is easily the.

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Did I understand this correctly? Lightning protection is an absolute MUST if you are wanting to experiment along these lines. The first one is my thought on what the TPU is when reduced to its most basic fundamental state.

Grumpy on October 08, No problem on the proprietary controller Eldarion Without seeing how you are connected and what you are booyce, I would only be guessing.

I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals! Much of my own research has been published, but most of that is related to the integration of the energy technology with other technology for boosting overall performance. When I varied the phase from Great new video from Peter Lindemann Navigation.

Bob Boyce TPU – [PDF Document]

Eldarion Logged Print Pages: August 17, Light bulbs and some motors can run off of longitudinal cold electricity current directly, albeit at reduced efficiency. Did you miss your activation email? I hope this helps to explain why this pulsed toroidal power system works so well with the hydroxy gas cellstacks. I think that the TPU is a far more refined and enhanced version of this basic idea, which goes back to the link I posted earlier. Many thanks for your understanding. The hydroxy research allowed me to build a byce well equipped shop with some limited machining abilities.


Free Energy: Bob Boyce Resonant Toroid

The controllers were also designed to minimize the risk of conditions favoring an avalanche from even occurring. I am using regular wire for that bo because the longitudinally wound bias winding is a DC winding,not HF.

Mistakes here will cause field errors that will impact overall efficiency. Never hurts to ask those odd questions. Bob Is there any way you could post a schematic for that circuit? This provides electrical, and magnetic shielding to a certain extent.

Secondary Winding with DC HV PotentialThe secondary wire lengths are not critical in and of themselves, as long as it is a full fill around the toroid. Disconnecting the power to the inverter caused the pulsing to dimish as the HV potential diminished.

This is still in itsinfancy, so there is much room for improvement, just be careful.

Bob Boyce TPU

Your learning process is a good one for the 20 builders reading and learning with you! Rigol DSZ is one of the best 4 channel digital scopes on the market today. That is where a null in the response is, and minimal output occurs. This will take me a while to wind and space evenly considering I get tiredeasy ;- A day and night of winding and a crude secondary was born. I would like to go ahead and install the shift circuit on channel 2 and 3 with voyce cut out switch to disable it.


While I was writing the spreadsheet I just grabbed numbers that fell down from the sky. This gain is from a smaller energy source from us modulating a larger energy source the dominant energy of the universe, longitudinal energyand us capturing tou using this modulated energy to do useful work. I really wanted to say that this does not have to be that difficult, just listen to SM and follow his clues.

My fingers are not asnimble as they used to be. Check this out and boycf BitTube. More is not always better, but some people do not see it that way. I just compared the waveform you gave me earlier with the actual waveform coming out of my pulse generator, and the red pulse frequency 2 is in the wrong spot in the grouping that has the missing pulse!

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I had some new plans for that old board, oh well. DC to DC converter. I am preparing blb long post with an article to use as reference and I will start a separate thread called phase relationships and harmonics for further discussion on the topic.

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