This document is for you if you are interested in learning to script with AutoIt, as the title implies. It tries to assume no prior coding experience. Learning to Script with AutoIt V3. Document last updated 17 February AutoIt Version Original Document: Alex Peters (LxP). A beginners course to learn autoit from the scratch.

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Keep it up, this could help alot of new AutoIt scripters. Topics discussing decompilation of scripts will be locked immediately. So you want to write your own MOD? I’m sorry to hear that some of you are having trouble opening the file: If you want to do more these links will help you.

Please note that these are independent, community-run message boards and not just a translation of this board.

FAQ – AutoIt Wiki

If you normally are able to right-click the file and select print, then you can also print the file from AutoIt using this function:. George Question about decompiling code?

ControlSend “””””””text”0. You cannot decompile your AutoIt compiled scripts unless it was compiled wirh AutoIt 3.


elarning I will play around with settings and such to get a nicer quality video working In order to be able to recover your script from the compiled executable, you can use the following:. Thanks again for the feedback so far and all feedback continues to be welcome.

In Windows locked state applications run hidden behind that visible dialog and do not have focus and active status.

كتاب Learning to Script with AutoIt V3

AutoIt is a constantly growing and evolving language with a diverse and engaged community of volunteers. This is an example of searching for a specific pixel redboth pure red 0xFF and red in a few different shades. Keep the good work Cheers. So how can AutoIt help you. I will try this. If you’re lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

Posted December 27, I’m all for it personally. Robert Burns God help the man who won’t help himself, because no-one else will Posted November 28, When everyone’s happy with the sections that are currently written, I’ll start on the next one: Please do not PM me either. Hi all, After seeing a few requests on the forums for help learning how to use AutoIt and after receiving a few PMs too I decided to start working on a document that tries to teach this.


This document is nowhere near complete — I need feedback in order to come close.

Out of the box install the base full zip package and start Scite. What do you feel needs more or better explanation? Some general points taken from here.

Edited November 28, by dbzfanatic.

Read the decompiling FAQ and don’t bother posting the question in the forums. Sounds like a plane vrrooom plan. For people who may have done other languages, this will also be a good back to basics scripy.

Keep the good work.

Guess I’ll download the update tomorrow November The first question to ask yourself is whether or not you wish to install the service on other computers learnung your own. Did you see this Autoit forums post?

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