: The Lucifer Code (Thomas Lourdes) (): Charles Brokaw: Books. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Brokaw follows up his debut, The Atlantis Code (), with Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. The Lucifer Code (Thomas Lourds Book 2) by [Brokaw, Charles] . Thomas Lourds is a book series by author Charles Brokaw, focusing on the title character of Books[edit]. The Atlantis Code, ; The Lucifer Code, ; The Temple Mount Code, ; The Oracle Code,

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No one knows for sure what will happen if the scroll is found, decoded, and translated, but several powerful men are seeking it, and they will brokaq at nothing to get it.

In fact, like Bond, Lourds is a womanizer and supremely confident in his abilities. I have an affiliate relationship with several bookstores, including Powell’s Books and IndieBound.

I had just read the 7TH Scroll by Wilbur Smith, which i quite enjoyed and was hoping this might be in the same mould but Wilbur Smith is a far more superior writer This is a sort of Indiana Jones type of tale.

The first half of the book was full of action and plot and well written, too. A kidnapping leads to to an escape, involving international travel, gunplay, witty reparte with sexual innuendointerspersed with clues surrounding a mysterious scroll and the potential for the “end of the world”.

The pace slows once Thomas is tasked with deciphering an ancient coded language. This page was last edited on 16 Marchat He began the book The Atlantis Code after seeing an article in a scholarly journal. Gereksiz bir uzatma mevcut.

It does not require much thought or problem solving but requires the reader to sit back and enjoy codde ride. In some ways the book reads like most of it was done lycifer it was too long and the all the hardcore editing was at the tail end of the book.


Nov 06, Jason Golomb rated it liked it Shelves: I was debating with myself on giving this book a 2 or a 3 stars, but the final chapter or two pushed it firmly into 2 category. Views Read Edit View history.

Thomas Lourds

But, then again, you could say that about every James Bond or Jason Bourne book ever written. Lists with This Book. I loved this book. Thomas is not exactly a womanizer, but feels as though he must take all carnal opportunities presented to him.

The Lucifer Code (Thomas Lourds, book 2) by Charles Brokaw

The third quarter slowly got progressively worse, as though the author was himself getting tired of writing this particular book, or was writing to a very tight deadline.

The most basic thing that would redeem this book, the code breaking by Lourds, is missing. Its lcuifer fetched and i suppose the author meant it to be that way but by the end of the first 60 pages, i was hoping the hero’s would get killed i didnt like any of them The plot was boarding on ludicrous, the script cheesy and the character too unbelievable even if you know its only a fictional book.

I gave up, I didn’t care and swiftly gave it away They want Lourds to translate coded writings that they hope will lead them to a lost scroll authored by John of Patmos—the same John who wrote the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

Orphaned articles from May All orphaned articles. I, it is easy for books like this to get lost in the tidal wave of cash-ins that happen when brrokaw book makes it lycifer.

I tried to persevere I really did! When viewed in that light, The Lucifer Code is a decent story. charlds


After a long time, I dared to pick this author again, goading myself into it by thinking: All content on this blog is protected under US copyright by Michelle Shannon. And then the ending comes and it’s sorta exciting again. Every woman wants to have brooaw with Professor Thomas Lourds.

The Lucifer Code (Thomas Lourds, #2) by Charles Brokaw

Unfortunately for me, and for the potential 4-star rating, this is when things started falling apart. But this book, is a prime example of why Dan Brown has made it so big in this genre. The believability of this premise will depend on your religious chrles. Professor Thomas Lourds found Atlantis and banished charlfs Devil with the power of his penis. And one of those people has ties to the US government, ties that lead directly to the White House.

That said, it is the intricate detail in which Brokaw lays out the story, and the fast-paced nature of the overall plot, that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat from beginning to end. Because the ruins were located in a famous national park, he was certain they would never be explored.

REVIEW – The Lucifer Code by Charles Brokaw

But not really, no. It perhaps points to its lack of originality that one could easily envision the car chases through Turkey and gun-shot dodging escape through the catacombs near Istanbul. Thomas Lourds ventures to Istanbul University in Turkey to examine artifacts never before seen by Western scholars.

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